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Enterprise culture

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    Meet the ambitious, you will meet the truth; meet the ambitious, you will meet with success; grand in hand, helps you to realize the dream of life; and the grand cooperation, we accompany you to stand together through storm and stress.
The general manager maxim: cast era fine, climb the peak industry, actively contributing to society, the pursuit of excellence in life.
The magnificent goal: to build the largest China quartz glass tube production base.
Enterprise spirit: continue to go beyond, the pursuit of excellence, striving for the top, implementation spans
Staff: want to personnel, dry masters live, as the owner responsibility, enjoy the masters of music.
Grand faith: build quality quartz, enjoy fine life, product equivalent character, magnificent fine everywhere.
The above ideas to build and form our magnificent culture based on the unique, urges us to march forward courageously in the face of fierce competition, remain invincible.
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