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Note the use of quartz instrument in chemical laboratory

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Note the use of quartz instrument in chemical laboratory

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The general chemistry laboratory, a lot of experimental instruments are of quartz glass instrument, quartz glass and ordinary acid and other corrosive chemicals do not have any reaction, high stability, so usually be made known chemical instrumentation, but quartz glass not and all chemical substances do not react, you know the quartz glass and what the chemical reaction of the materials to know the main component of quartz glass, quartz glass is the main component of silicon dioxide, silicon dioxide has good stability, this is also the reason why the quartz glass and not a lot of chemical reaction, but the silica will when hydrofluoric acid and silicate quartz glass made of hard, if encounter these substances will be corrosion off.
In the chemical laboratory, glass rod, funnel, beaker, flask, tube, conical flask, burette, transfer pipettes are quartz glass manufacturing, if the reaction or containing chemical substances these containers, the quartz glass instrument can be damaged.
When did the experiment in the chemical laboratory, what chemicals on what the containers, these can not leave. Although the stability of quartz glass instrument well, also have to be careful to use when in use.

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