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How to choose the quartz instrument material you need most?

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How to choose the quartz instrument material you need most?

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The proper selection of materials quartz instrument:
Knowledge point 1: impurity content
You can entrust the suppliers to provide samples, the chemical purity analysis, specific data can be gained directly impurity content is 13, then the data and process requirements of data for comparison, if exceed the standard may not be selected.
Knowledge point 2: the product processing precision and the product material level
Quartz boat type automatic rewind wafer carrier, if the process size and equipment do not meet the requirements, the machine is the clatter of wafer breakage; a quartz boat in his hand, bar, pipe is covered with bubbles, stains, think of a carrier who dare to use it?
Knowledge point 3: according to the selection process different application features
Optical fiber industry requirements through the capability of infrared quartz material, can only choose the high pure imported powder + plasma system weight process of quartz material, or produced by chemical synthesis process of synthetic quartz material and quartz glass instrument at 1256 degrees Celsius for 40 hours of work, serious deformation problem, usually materials and general process, temperature 1250 degrees Celsius degree, quartz material softening deformation starts in 15 minutes, 40 hour collapse will seriously again is a normal thing.

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