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Why the quartz crucible Crystallization?

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Why the quartz crucible Crystallization?

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The reason quartz crucible to produce crystallization are mainly the following reasons: 
1, the quartz crucible is subjected to contamination, all teams in the contamination of the quartz crucible, the alkali metal ions, potassium (K) of lithium (Li) and alkaline earth metal ions, calcium (Ca) the presence of sodium (Na) of magnesium (Mg) ions are quartz crucible main factor crystallization. 
2, during operation, due to improper operation will produce crystallization as in preventing silica quartz crucible and filling material in the process, into a sweat, saliva, oil, dust, etc. 
3, the new graphite crucible without thorough calcining or by contamination would be put into use is caused by chromatography crystal quartz crucible outside the main reason. 
4, for pulling low purity raw materials, impurities contained too much or cleaning process problems. 
5, when the melt temperature is too high, it will increase the degree of crystallization. 
6, the production of the quartz crucible, cleaning, packaging process by contamination.

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