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Quartz bell jar

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Quartz bell jar

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Quartz products include: Shi Yingbang, a quartz tube, quartz bulb, quartz tube, quartz jacket, quartz, quartz plate, Shi Yinghuan, quartz beaker, quartz crucible, quartz apparatus, quartz tube, all kinds of ball type quartz tube and other special-shaped quartz tube and quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp low ozone and various colors of transparent and opaque quartz tube, rod. Quartz tube diameter is in the range of 8-120mm, with a single opening, double opening, round, flat and beautiful and flaring, flanging, necking, matte processing, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good light transmission and moisture-proof, explosion-proof and other characteristics, widely used in, aquarium thermostat, disinfection equipment, heating pipe, water treatment, metal halide lamps and other products manufacturing and environmental protection, health, chemical industry etc.;

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