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Quartz boat frame

Quartz boat frame

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Shi Yingzhou aka quartz glass, quartz glass is a silica containing substances, such as crystal, silica. Four silicon oxide as raw materials, high temperature melting into. The silica content is generally much higher than ordinary glass, quartz glass silica content in the 99.999%. Quartz glass has excellent optical performance, not only visible light transmittance is particularly good, but also through ultraviolet, infrared.
Quartz glass is good except hydrofluoric acid and acid resistant materials, 300 degrees above the hot phosphoric acid, at high temperature, which is resistant to sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, aqua regia, neutral salts, carbon and sulfur erosion, 30 times its chemical stability is equivalent to the acid resistant ceramics, equivalent to 150 times the Ni Cr alloy and ceramics, it high temperature resistance, thermal shock, thermal expansion coefficient is very small.
Quartz glass electrical performance is excellent, at room temperature, equivalent to 10 times the ordinary glass and its resistance, dielectric loss for all the frequency is very small, the insulation strength.
Quartz glass is also resistant to cosmic rays, nature and not through nuclear fission products.

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