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quartz rod

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quartz rod

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quartz rod is one of our advantage products, specializing in the production of high pure clear quartz rod, the existing specifications 1-50mM, length 1.24m. I produced the surface finish quality quartz rod is good, the bubble gas line control strictly, bending degree does not exceed the length of 3 ‰. Purity quartz bar mainly depends on the raw material, with four chlorinated silicon high-purity raw materials for the production of quartz rod purity can reach 6 to nine (99.9999%), mainly used for fiber production; used in purification of high quality natural quartz purity can reach 4 and nine, used in semiconductor industry; with high quality natural quartz production of ordinary quartz rod purity in 3 nine, used in high strength electric light source production. Quartz rod thermal expansion coefficient is small, only a glass of 1/10-1/20, has high thermal shock resistance to cold, clear quartz rod in electric furnace in 1100 ℃ hot 15 minutes, and then placed in cold water, repeated tests will not crack, quartz rod softening point temperature is about 1730 ℃, continuous use temperature is 1100-1200 ℃, the maximum temperature reached 1450 ℃ short time. Due to the quartz rod has high purity, high temperature resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, is widely used in pressing bridge single end halogen lamp rod, manufacturing fiber optic lighting, quartz fiber, semiconductor wafer processing.

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